The 11 Most Reliable Online Auctions

Find Online Auction WebsiteOnline auction websites offer you amazing deals on a variety of items including clothes, books, houses, vehicles, and even land. Today, many buyers prefer using these sites because they offer these items at highly competitive prices. Below are some of the best online auctions on the web.  

  • eBay

eBay is one of the oldest auction websites worldwide. It creates a great platform for sellers to sell anything as long as it is within their specified rules. eBay offers many products including clothes, real estate, and diamonds among other things. Buyers can bid for these items or buy them instantly. With almost a million products being sold on the site every day, you can easily get whatever you want on eBay and at a fair price.

  • Auction King

Auction King is different from other auction sites in that it specializes in luxury items. More specifically, it sells products such as jewelry, fine art, and collectibles. These items come from different sources including closeout ads, confiscated goods, and liquidated items. Auction King is also a great auction site because you feel as though you are at a live auction when you are bidding for items on the website.

  • ShopGoodwill

ShopGoodwill is a nonprofit organization with stores all over the US and an online store. It also collaborates with other stores with the aim of helping the disabled. The online store sells all types of products including cameras, tools, and sports equipment. ShopGoodwill donates the profits to people with disabilities. If you are passionate about giving back to the community, then this auction site is the best one for you. Moreover, you can get better deals here than you would at a regular store.

  • Listia

Listia is one online auction website that allows you to buy stuff on credit instead of the standard cash bidding process. On this site, a seller lists the products he wants to sell. Other Listia users will use their referral credits to bid for these products. They can also use the credit they gained by selling their own merchandise to do the same. At the end of the bidding process, the buyer who used the highest number of credits to bid for the item takes it home.

  • uBid

This site deals with leftover products from leading brands such as Sony and Del, giving you an opportunity to take home quality products at a discounted price. If you are on a tight budget, but you are still conscious about product quality, then uBid is ideal auction site.

  • GovDeals

The government sells its old products to the public through GovDeals. The site sells products such as computers and cars among other things. You can get really good products on this auction site even though they are mostly secondhand items.

How To Auction Online

  • Property Room

Property Room is a police auction site that deals with the sale of confiscated goods. The platform is a good way for law enforcement to avoid destroying valuable products. Instead, the police give the public a chance to own them through these auctions.

  • IRS Auction

IRS Treasury Auction is another great site offering a variety of products at competitive prices. Products sold on this site fall under the Internal Revenue Code. Normally, these goods are seized from people who fail to pay their taxes.

  • Auction Zip

Auction Zip is unique in that it allows you place a live bid at the same time as those who are at the auction ground. To make it easy for online buyers, the auction has a special website where you can access the auction from anywhere part of the globe. You can do that without installing special software or buying special tools.

  • Municibid

Municibid is another auction site that allows you to purchase items the government no longer needs such as computers, cars, furniture, and even kitchen appliances. The products sold on this website are from government agencies and schools among other public institutions. This site is your go-to website if you are looking quality products at a great price.


The site deals with sale of liquidated households or businesses. People sell their products on this site for different reasons including moving across distances, divorce, downsizing bankruptcy, or the death of a loved one. Like the other sites, you can get products at a better price than you would at a regular store.

These sites are good in that you can get anything at an affordable price. Moreover, these online auctions are a great platform if you want to buy something that you have always wanted, but could never afford it. For more need-to-know info, head over to this Bebee article to learn how these auctions work and how to keep your persona.

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