The Struggle to Find the Right Plus Size Swimwear

The Struggle to Find the Right Plus Size Swimwear

When plus size women are out shopping, one thing that gives them a hard time is shopping for fitting and right swimwear. Nowadays, some retailers are stocking swimsuits that are suited for large bodies, but still getting the perfect fit is hard task.

Brands have diversified their size ranges so as to find clothes that will fit properly and support our curves without digging deeper to our pockets for extra bucks. However, clothing large bodies is a challenge that is mostly overlooked to a large extent by many brands, so plus size swimwear styles are limited.

The nightmare becomes a reality when we are shopping for a swimsuit. That is when reality kicks in that we are somehow a forgotten lot. However, you will find stores like Forever 21 and Target offer swimsuits that fit plus sizes. Still, what they have does not mean that it’s of good quality and will perfectly fit all plus size women well.

Aliss Bonython, a blogger, highlighted the struggles for women finding the right plus size swimwear that fits well and shows all the curves on her Instagram post.

On her Instagram post, she shows a photo of herself squeezing to fit in a bikini top that has triangular cups which barely conceals her breasts.

The caption of the photo definitely explained the woes and troubles of plus size women revealing their struggles which are neglected by most stores.

Unlike her friends who have no trouble finding bikinis and swimsuits that fit, Bonython’s options are limited, if she’s able to find anything at all. That makes shopping with friends far less fun. She has to shop in specialty stores that offer plus size swimwear. It’s nice that these stores exists, but their swimwear options are still limited and the shopping trip isn’t as fun. Like many plus size women, her breasts, hips, and butt make it difficult for Bonython to wear a typical bikini.

In addition, Bonython explains how it is difficult to find an ideal swimsuit for her due to the nature of hare large breasts. Her breast size is the main hindrance in her finding the right swimsuit. It’s pretty hard to come across a size 12, which she needs and even if she finds one, it’s never big enough to fit perfectly.

That’s understandably one of the most frustrating part to shop for when you are looking for a plus size swimwear, like many women. No matter what you get, the proper fitting cup size is really hard to get.

It is quite unfair that many stores do not offer swimwear for plus size women so that the large women can find things that can fit well. However, Bonython notes that she can shop in stores like GBM Sonsie, Monif C, Ashley Stewart, Lane Bryant, Rue 21, Torrid which are some of the retailers which stock plus size swimwear that comfortably cover well her breast.

These are some of the retailers both in store and online that cater for larger women and offer wears with a good bust support.

Ms. Aliss, therefore, opted to have brands that sell plus size women wear rather that concealing herself in sheer embarrassment in public. She expressed her profound gratitude to Gabi Gregg for enabling her realize that there was no need of changing how she looked so as to have her choice swimsuit.

She is grateful to find brands like Swim Suits for All and GBM Sonsie that have curvy girls in mind and she is particularly happy for finding a perfect fitting bikini from Gabi Fresh who has a collection of plus size swimwear and she felt great that she finally found a bikini that fit all her curves.

On her Instagram page, people commented and expressed their appreciation to her post which was very honest in all ways. Many people shared their personal struggles when looking for plus size swimwear.

More brands should consider making collections for plus sized women. There is a huge market, but strangely enough, some brands seem to have the misconception that there is no available market for the plus sized women. But no! Plus sized women are many and there is a need to cater for them.

The season where the demand for swimsuits is high is fast approaching. For most swimsuit designers, meeting the demand of the plus sized women remains a challenge. However, these designers ought to take advantage of this market gap and make diverse designs specifically for plus size swimwear.

This will increase their sales to many regions and make shopping for swimsuits a hobby and a pleasant activity to the plus size women.


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